Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here Comes The Summer...

You know the weather is good when... 

 - your shorts make an appearance.

 Your kids are playing in the garden by 7.30am - waaaaaaaaay before they need to be ready for school. And you decide to have a barbecue! 
I, like so many others, can be guilty of making too much food when barbecueing cos, lets face it, it would be a shame to waste the coals once you've lit them, right? (n_n)
But, bearing in mind that I didn't have tons of time to prep I decided to streamline our barbecue experience.

anti-clockwise from left: cucumber raita, jerk tofu, quinoa and rocket salad, maple-glazed squash, coconut sambol.

I made jerk tofu (in a hot-as-all hell jarred marinade - I love the numbness!) along with coconut sambol and cucumber raita - both from The World Food Café and both absolutely delicious, but I'll save that for another post - and maple-glazed squash.
But the star of the show was my quinoa and rocket salad. I LOVE quinoa and am fortunate enough to be able to buy it in mahoosive yet reasonably-priced bags from Costco because one of my workmates has a membership.
I toasted 2 cups of quinoa, then added stock and let it cook for fifteen minutes on the hob, switching it off and letting it steam up to make the quinoa really soft and flavoursome. I combined it with quartered cherry and grape tomatoes, handfuls of flat-leaf parsley, 1tsp garlic flakes, chopped rocket leaves, lots of lemon juice and coarsely-ground salt and black pepper.  This was delicious - zingy, fresh and a perfect accompaniement to everything else on offer. It was SO good, I'm making it again when my Mother-in-Law comes up to visit this weekend for the kids' Big Dance Show.
Unfortunately, we didn't end-up having the barbecue as this happened:

The appearance of the inimitable Scottish weather!

Oh well, maybe the rain will keep off so we can barbecue on Saturday... here's hoping...


  1. jerk tofu! sounds delicious!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks delicious, especially the quinoa! We really do take our good weather for granted here in Australia and start complaining the moment winter arrives :)

  3. You have to just love the beginning of shorts and slippers. I am jealous of your Scottish summers, they are much more milder than our hot as hell summers (think 37C or hotter).

    As always, your food looks amazing. And I am making the periogies this weekend. Happy dance!


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